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What does wild harvested mean?

Wild Harvested means the raw ingredients are collected from crown native land that hasn't been farmed and no trees are cut down in the process. It is scientifically proven that wild harvested ingredients are more potent compared to those that come from plantation farming.​

Can I eat more than the suggested servings?

rara gummies are delicious by design. However, we recommend not consuming more than the suggested serving 2-3 times a day. ​

Are rara gummies organic?

Yes. rara gummies are USDA Organic Certified. We even paid for the fancy stamp. ​

Why is Black Seed Oil in all of your products?

Black Seed Oil is in all of our products because it contains thymiquine which know for its powerful antioxidants & healing properties. We believe this is one of the most powerful superfoods dating back to tens of thousands of years.

Is rara minority owned?

Yes. The three founders of rara all come from all over the world, African American, Spanish,
& Mexican. It’s our unique differences & cultures that create the very energy you see rara bring.
We pride our selves in building a community of different backgrounds & ways of life, that’s the rara way. ​

Does rara offer wholesale?

Yes. Click here to send us an email & we will get you set up.​

Are rara gummies healthy?

Yes. Incredibly! 100% Organic. No GMO. No refined ingredients. And High in nutrient density. ​

Does rara offer a first time discount?

Yes. Use code “Checkout15” for 15% off your first order.​

How long does it take to receive my Package?

We fulfill all orders with in 1 business day & focus on the most expeditious shipping form.
Roughly taking 3-5 days to receive a package. However, we cannot control the mail or in-climate weather.​

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